Spring Dale Hollow Lake fishing report April 2015

March 30th, 2015

Bite Has been Good on Dale last week and will get stronger as the water Temp get’s up just a bit. With our weather being the way it has been it has been a hunt and it changes often. The smallmouth are moving on a pre spawn pattern for sure. Post more soon.

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report / Forcast April 17, 2014

April 18th, 2014

May is an exciting month on Dale Hollow Lake because it starts my post spawn season. This is a good time to catch nice bass around the willows on the flats and in the creeks around various types of structure. Flukes are a good bait of choice and also I use swim baits, jerk baits and spinner baits. We start night fishing mid to late May for small mouth and also walleye on the rock walls. This pattern usually starts in the month of May, which can be a good day or night pattern. Water temp will be running mid 60’s, possibly high 60’s during the month of May depending on our weather forecast. You can contact me for water temps throughout the month of May by giving me a call at 270-427-0419 or sending me an e-mail at bgentry0206@aol.com. Live minnows and shad are also a good bait choice during the month of May. We have had a few nice crappie being caught in the 25 to 30 foot depth range, they are starting their spawning in the willows during the month of early May.

Bobby Gentry

Fishing report Dale Hollow Lake March 19, 2014

March 20th, 2014

The spring season is starting to play a major roll in the prespawn bite on Dale Hollow now. Our water temp is ranging from mid 40’s to low 50’s depending on location in the lake. Nice large mouth are being caught using Alabama rigs and swimbaits in locations like edges of flats, close to deep water and gradual tapered points. Nice fish have been caught at the ends of trees and backs of creeks in cover along the shore line in the 10-12 feet range. Small mouth bass have been following the deeper water at the edges of flats and suspending along rock walls next to pockets. Bait choice is Red Hotlips, swim baits prefer White or Shad patterns, Sexy Shad jerk baits are also working good. I like throwing jigs in heavy cover, such as lay downs in creeks and in the backs of creeks. Live bait can also be effective in the same type of areas. As the water warms a good strong bite should continue into the spawn.

If you have any questions please give me a call at 270-427-0419.

Thank you
Bobby Gentry

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report February 19, 2014

February 19th, 2014

As we know our winter has been somewhat colder than our past few years. Cold weather techniques will prevail such as jigs, float n’ fly, and tail spinners. Remember to fish your bait choices somewhat slow due to the cold temperatures. A good tip is because we might receive some warm days, it takes the water temperature a longer period to respond. Fish locations have been main lake pockets and secondary points and back in creeks. You need to check for water temperature changes and fish the warmest water you can find, which controls the shad movement. Bass will always relate to their food source. Dale Hollow has several spawning flats you should locate these and find where the deeper water meets these areas. Fish the deeper water with jigs, tail spinners and small swim baits to name a few. Live bait is always a cold weather option 25 -28 feet range in depth. This is absolutely a good time to search out your spawning areas because the extended daylight hours controls the fish movement toward these areas as much as water temp. We will watch the weather patterns and future reports will be adjusted according to our conditions. If you need any additional information please give me a call at 270-427-0419, you can also check out my web page at www.bobbygentry.com or find me on facebook.

Bobby Gentry

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report January 19, 2014

January 20th, 2014

We have had some extremely cold weather this winter on Dale Hollow. The fishing has been maintaining a decent average on the fish bite. Mid lake has been somewhat slow, but during the period right after the extreme cold days we had smallmouth move up shallow for a few days. Bite was good on swim baits, pearl white in color. Large mouth were also shallow, locations needed to be where channels meet shallow flats. Most of the locations in the creeks were spotty due to area’s the shad were. If you can locate decent shad balls, generally you could locate decent bass in them areas. Jigs are fair to good, Olive/Orange in color 10-15 feet in depth and still maintaining areas close to creek or main lake channels. Water temp low 50’s, this should be a pretty consistent pattern unless we have another extreme cold period. Cloudy days float n’ fly has been consistent for some decent fish, mid creeks and pockets on main lake. If you have any questions please give me a call 270-427-0419 or check out my web site www.bobbygentry.com. You can also follow me on facebook.


Bobby Gentry

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report October 21, 2013

October 22nd, 2013

Water temp currently on Dale Hollow, mid lake has been running in the high 60’s to low 70’s. Water temp, which we all know controls the bite and location of bait. I have been finding fish located at the ends of flats next to deep water, approx 12-25 feet deep. They have been decent on swim baits, spinner baits have been effective on lay down cover and channels. Shad are migrating more sore back in the creeks and small mouth are starting to follow shad. Drop shots with finesse worms have been working on spots, large mouth and some small mouth, watermelon red flake has been my bait of choice. I have been using swim baits with shad patterns or a plain pearl white swim bait with 1/4oz lead head or 1/4oz lead heads with grubs are good fish locators. Live bait bite has been decent and should continue through fall and early winter. I also think you should be prepared to give the float n’ fly bite an opportunity as this water continues to cool in the next couple weeks. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact Bobby Gentry at 270-427-0419 or www.bobbygentry.com.

Fishing report August 20, 2013 Dale Hollow Lake

August 21st, 2013

Bite is still good at night time. Smallmouth are running in the depth ranges of 12 to 20 feet, the larger fish seem to be at the deeper range. I am using jigs 1/4oz Brown/Orange in color. I am catching several large mouth in creeks and in backs of pockets on river channels. Another technique that is working this time of year, I have been running a spinner bait at grass edges and top of weed beds. Use dark color spinner baits with nickel Colorado blades, 3/4oz has been my weight choice. Texas rigging Strawberry 10 inch worms will produce some nice large mouth during the remainder of this month and into the first of the next. Early morning and late afternoon top water is always an option, Pop R’s and Spooks have been my bait of choice. This pattern should continue until mid to late August depending on weather conditions. As water cools I will be trending more towards a daytime bite. We can be more specific on our next report after monitoring the weather conditions on the lake as the weather changes. If you have any questions or need any help please give me a call 270-427-0419.

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report / Forcast May 14, 2013

May 15th, 2013

Fishing Forecast 5/14/13

Largemouth bass have been holding around flooded bushes and wood cover, this will continue throughout the late spring and earl summer. Early morning and late afternoon use top water. Worms and brush hogs work really well for these species. Smallmouth bite is leaning toward and late afternoon and early morning. We are fastly approaching night patterns for smallmouth due to the warming temp and increased boat traffic. Hair jigs, spinnerbaits are by bait of choice. This continues throughout the summer, the depth is a critical part as water temp increases the dept will vary. Fish clay banks with rock transition areas because the smallmouth feed pretty heavy on the crayfish. Black jigs and Green Pumpkin trailers are excellent for this time of year, you can also use Watermelon Red flake trailers for your jigs, which is also very good. Chartreuse and White spinnerbaits are also effective for largemouth and smallmouth for this part of the season. If you have any specific questions please contact me at 270-427-0419. It has been a trying time this spring with the conditions but there is good fish to be caught with these techniques. Good fishing and good luck. Check out my new web site at www.bobbygentry.com, comments are appreciated to help me better improve communication with my fellow fisherman.
Thank you
Bobby Gentry

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report

April 24th, 2013

Lake & Date Dale Hollow Lake 4/23/13
Reported by Guide’s Name & Contact info: Bobby Gentry 270-427-0419 www.bobbygentry.com bgentry@scrtc.com
Species Caught – Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth
Fishing Activity of each species caught: Largemouth has been fair to good, Smallmouth slow due bedding fish and drastic temp changes.
Vicinity: Largemouth – backs of creeks in pockets and up the rivers. Smallmouth – secondary points to mid-lake flats.
Structure/Cover Largemouth – trees and submerged brush and cover. Smallmouth – gravel points in the creeks and gravel and mud flats next to creek channels on main lake.
Technique: Jigging, swimming and cranking.
Depth Fish Caught: Largemouth 2-10 feet and Smallmouth 5-15 feet.
Lure/Bait:. Largemouth/Smallmouth – Shad pattern crankbaits, Pearl White Flukes, 1/2oz Green Pumpkin w/Green Pumpkin baby brush hogs Punisher Lures Hail Mary.
Equipment: 10 and 12 lb mono line, Allpro Medium/Heavy rods, Lews Baitcast reels, Penn Spinning.
Comments: We have been experiencing a “rollercoaster’’ in water temp this spring and it has been somewhat difficult to pattern the smallmouth. The fish we have been catching seem to be healthy and doing well. We are down in numbers. Live bait fisherman using shad has some decent days this spring. Our Largemouth bite is up this year, there has lots of nice size fish caught. We have gone from winter patterns to a spawning pattern on flats almost like we did not have a pre spawn. This has been due to water temp and the unusual spring weather patterns. The walleye bite is starting on the rock walls in various locations on the lake, I will have more info on walleye as the season progresses.

Dale Hollow Lake fishing report 4-9-13

April 9th, 2013

Lake & Date Dale Hollow Lake 4/9/13
Reported by Guide’s Name & Contact info: Bobby Gentry 270-427-0419 www.bobbygentry.com bgentry@scrtc.com
Species Caught – Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth
Fishing Activity of each species caught: Fair, improving with warmer water conditions.
Vicinity: Creeks and flats, depth range of 12-15 feet
Structure/Cover Brush and grass beds
Technique: swim baits, crank baits in shad patterns, some jigs in brush piles.
Depth Fish Caught: Largemouth 8-10 feet and Smallmouth 10-20 feet.
Lure/Bait:. Swimbaits, Big Hammer/smally chaser, Punisher rubber skirt jigs, Bandit 200 series – bone color.
Equipment: 8 lb mono line, Allpro Medium/Heavy rods, Lews Baitcast reels, Penn Spinning.
Comments: Water temp mid lake is 51 – 53, with some 54-56 up rivers. Good largemouth are being caught up in the river sections of Dale Hollow. Smallmouth are starting to move toward the flats in a prespawn position.